Market Notes June 6th, 2022



   If so, you’ve come to the right place. Nectar of the gods starts in about two weeks. We’re talking Andy’s of course and the trees are a few weeks away from their first pick. Apricots begin the season, and it would be rude to say if you’ve not tasted Andy’s Blenheim apricots you don’t really know what an apricot should taste like, so we won’t.  We will tell you this is change your shirt fruit and it’s tough to eat only one. Several other apricot varieties join the Blenheim apricots to more supplant the once again very rained out cherry season.  Then come the peaches, plums, nectarines, more heirloom varieties, and many interspecies varieties.  Early indications are pointing to a strong season with good yields.  So how do you get it. Culinary can provide a pickup and delivery service from the Andy’s  dock in Morgan Hill to a consolidation dock in the Watsonville/Salinas area or do a truck meet.  We can provide transportation to SFO or LAX airports to your choice of freight forwarder.  We can offer FOB pick up in Morgan Hill as well. So now that you know how to get the best stone fruit on the planet, what are you waiting for?  Please give your culinary rep a call for weekly availability and best logistics for delivery.  


The update on fingerlings is as follows:  Our early grower from California is raising prices every week in order to maximize the market. Between availability and price it will be tough to gather enough product to make another run east. Most of this harvest is for our western market.  Another primary grower is starting up with more reasonable pricing but they have a huge pipeline to fill and we don’t expect smooth running operations until mid-July. As we write this, product in Yuma, Arizona that has been killed over a week ago is just days away from harvest. This product will go to southern Colorado for processing and packing from which we can feed both costs and FOB’s. In early July we have growers in Arizona and New Mexico coming on with product that we will have direct access to.  Washington State will also begin shipping into the LA Market in early July.  So it does seem that supply will catch up with demand by mid-July. Costs across the board will be up legitimately due to increased costs on, well, just about everything,  but they will most likely be 20% lower than they are now. At least there will be supply. If fingerlings follow the produce see-saw, there could  well be a glut come late fall.  


Shakespeare’s Ophelia said I stood for thought, so my description ought to be a thought provoking one. I grow best in the Spring and the Fall, but I can be harvested year round.  I like moist, damp soil, but can grow in dry soil.  I grow in bunches and sometimes resemble a face, but sometimes I resemble a butterfly. Sometimes I have two yellow eyes, sometimes one eye, and sometimes I have no eyes.  I can be a deep, deep color like root beer, or fade into a light, light color like white. I’m solid in color or can have two or three colors. I prefer the shade but can grow in the sun.  I can grow wild or be cultivated in gardens. I’m used to garnish salads, or I am part of a salad.  I’ve been known to decorate tables and turkeys, and sometimes I’m found in people’s hair.  I have very little nutritional value, but I have a sweet grassy flavor.  Careful though if you chew me too long I can have a bitter mint aftertaste. I can be eaten whole or torn into shreds.  I can leave a stain on your tongue, but don’t worry I’ll go away.  Some claim that I have medicinal powers.  I can heal skin conditions, be a diuretic, reduce fevers, cleanse toxins from your system and promote over all healing.  So look for me this spring, and maybe I can spruce up your plate or favorite salad!  

Answer to last quiz….LONGAN…Congrats to all winners!

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