Market Notes March 23rd, 2023



    Our Colorado fingerling program is winding down.  Our product moved very quickly, and two of our three sources will be completely dried up as of next week. We are looking for supply from our third source, but we are unable to confirm supply at this point.  This will leave us with one west coast supplier for all our programs throughout the country. We are pleased to say that we think we have it covered through the month of May when our Spring program begins.  Either way it is going to be a tight transition any maybe a few days gap, but nothing like last year. Organic yellow round are also tightening up from Colorado as well. Our shed is just about out of A size and the quality of what they are running does not make grade.  The B size are a little better,  but it seems what little is left is all spoken for. Our next program begins in mid-April in the Bakersfield area so we are pretty sure for load volume there will be a one to two week interruption of service.   Both our LA and PA forward distribution programs should continue unaffected through May.


   While we eagerly wait for ramps, one of the few remaining foraged signs of Spring, there are some other beautiful collections that will brighten the produce department, kitchen, or buffet. The Lady Fiddlehead Fern is now shipping throughout the country, adding an earthy crunch and asparagus alternative to diners everywhere. From our premium micro-green’s grower, comes the Spring Showers Mix™.  This edible flower mix screams Spring.  Shades of pinks, red, salmons, whites, and mauves dazzle. Roses, carnations. daisies, and  snapdragons combine to make a focaccia fabulous, a soup stunning, a salad sensual, a dessert decedent, and bar drinks delightful. This mix is only available through May and makes a great seasonal stunner.  While it’s not quite time to ramp on, you should defiantly get in the right lane and signal.  Harvest are tiny now, so if you want to pay a fortune for a pound of tiny plant to be the first one on the block, we can probably do that next week. Otherwise expect the week of April 3 for volume shipping and reasonable sizing.


    The week of April 3 we will pass over Yuma and head back to the Salinas Valley.  If it is a good Friday, everything will breakdown nicely, coolers will be full of product for late pick up  or transfer to points north. It is probably a good time to end Yuma growing as the cool nights vanish, but the atmospheric rivers that have inspired the canoe industry have made the cultivating and planting late on baby greens, mature greens, and row crops.  There are some halfway stops (Huron and Lamont) to help ease the pain, but we anticipate a shortage as the demand rises and the harvest is late.  As we get closer to moving day (April 8th), the particular components will be revealed.  Our guess is worst case scenario is tight product for about three weeks, just like what happened when we moved last fall from Salinas Valley to Yuma. Stay tuned, order early.  


   Dating back to the fourth century AD I was held in high regard by the Greeks and Romans for my medicinal properties.  I am similar to spinach, but easier to prep and consume because my stems are edible.  Often called a leaf beet, I am grown for my leaves, not my root.  I come in many colors including white, red, green, and even a rainbow variety, but we all turn the same darkish green when cooked.  My hardy leaves keep better than spinach due to the lower levels of oxalic acid, which allows for better nutritional absorption.  Our baby leaves are used in salads, while the elders get braised or steamed, and often served with lemon.  Mixed with raisins, apples, pine nuts, lemon, and cheese I create a traditional specialty of Nice of ten served on Christmas Eve called tourte de blettes.  I will also find me combined with ham in quiche.  Eaten raw, I am an excellent source of vitamins C and A.  Cooked I become an excellent source of iron, copper, vitamins C, and B6.  We are also used as a laxative and a diuretic.  Although we share a first name, I am no relation to cheese.  

The answer to last weeks quiz was….RASPBERRIES… Congrats to all winners.

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