Market Notes May 13th, 2021



Our last shipment of fresh ramps (all 95 pounds) are going out tonight and that ends the shortest ramp season in memory. You can drive through the Upper Peninsula and find thousands of acres of wild leeks but on close inspection, most of them show damage. So, when the fronds are gone, the bulbs become the thing. Starting next week we will be offering fresh ramp bulbs in five pound bags and one pound bags for retail. Also, to ship with the ramp bulbs we are now shipping fiddlehead ferns in bulk and retail packs as well.  Finally, continuing the spring foraged season, we are seeing a few domestic porcini mushroom and some fresh domestic morels as well. The morels are a fortune right now but price will drop in a few weeks as the foraged domestic supply increases.  


    So California stoner fruit has begun. Cherries from Washington and California are shipping direct and from most major markets as well.  There are still imported cherries from South America in the market.  Early apricots and peaches along with white and yellow nectarines from California are available now.  But we will have to wait for the good stuff.  Andy’s Orchards will begin cherry production in a few weeks and although they are excellent, they are not what we came for.  Candy-cots begin in July, followed by the Blenheim apricots and the first of the peaches, plums and nectarines. Baby Crawford peaches are looking plentiful this year and once again, thanks to hand pollination we will have a good supply of the incredible honey flavored Green Gage plums.  As always this is a small crop and a six to eight week program. If you want the best, sign in soon.  


If you read these pages with any regularity you will know we are not fans of the purple potato. Other than its looks we are not big fans of the flavor. Décor or chips suite this potato well, but there are better options when it comes to flavor.  It seems that many of our growers agree with that as well. The skin remains the same (almost) the flesh has changed. We will have three different offerings this year. First there is the Harvest Moon ™ which we have been raving about for years. This purple “B” sized round potato has a yellow flesh so bright you’ll have to wear shades. Then, remember the Laker Baker?  They’re baaaaaack!  Named after the LA Lakers due to the purple and gold skin, the flesh is white mottled with purple or a purple ring when cut into coins. Finally, there is the Magic Molly that is a beautiful purple skin with a purple flesh mottled with white. Is there still purple skin/purple flesh?  Yes, but that crop is shrinking. You can taste the difference and decide for yourselves.  Samples available to serious buyers.


Compression, extension, torsion, constant force, Belleville, drawbar, volute, garter, flat, gas, air, clock, disk, leaf, hydraulic, box, coil, tapered, barrel, hourglass, helical, dig, life pressure, mini, natural, plastic, wave, ceramic, spiral, curved, titanium, serpentine, cantilever, arc, hair, V, main, negator, variable, zero-length,  in a bowl.  

The answer to last weeks quiz was..PLUOT…Congrats to all winners

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