Market Notes
May 18th, 2023



    No more messin’ around. We’ve got the dates, the times, and the goods. This past Monday we shipped our last fingerling load of the season from our Oregon shipper.  It will be available for distribution on the east coast on May 22nd. We hope that will take us through the holiday season. We are now confirming our first truck from our new central California grower will load on May 26th, which will be available for distribution on Wednesday, May 31st. The gap we feared and spent hours on the phone trying to justify has gone from two weeks to two days. While we did bring in several pallets of mixed fingerlings from the last Oregon load, the first California load  is straight yellow. This may cause a gap in the mixed fingerlings, but that will catch up quickly.  Price will be up across the board about two and half bucks and the quality should be sublime. This will be our east coast program through July, when we have the option of early Colorado product.  Transportation costs will probably make the decision for us as Colorado trucking is half the price of California trucking. That takes care of the east coast.  For the West coast there will be FOB pick up in the Bakersfield area and forward distribution in the LA area. This should begin the week of May 29th.  This truly is a two-week gap and while we apologize for that, you were warned. These orders can combine with red and gold “A” size and “B” size potatoes. Just like the east coast deals, out FOB prices and forward distribution prices will be up two and a half bucks. This deal will run through early September when we shift back to Oregon for new crop.  We have current plans to visit our California grower on May 30th, and although things will be in motion before that,  we will have a clearer picture after that. So, that’s our story and we are sticking with it! Compliments and complaints will be received through the usual channels.  


   On Monday, May 29th we celebrate Memorial Day.  Many offices will be closed, including ours (except for our 24/7/365 global response center), but many loading docks will be open with abbreviated hours. We are bringing this up early because next week we will be in touch with all Monday loadings, transfers, overnight orders,  and cross docks to figure out how to play the day.  Back it up to Friday?  Move forward to Tuesday? Or take the risk of hitting the loading docks with their limited hours the day of. Whatever the deal we will work it out in advance. This year the holiday  seems to coincide exactly with our new potato distribution program.  Pools open, grills fire up, and red cups fill as we take a moment to remember those who battled for the freedoms we enjoy today. We look forward to covering your holiday needs, the craziness starts Monday.  


   They call the tree upon which I was born “The Wall Tree”.  Depending on who you ask I have between 200 and 400 varieties.  I was first documented in Chinese literature by the great philosopher Confucius around 479 BCE.  It wasn’t until 140 BCE that I, the Chinese Fruit, was brought to Rome by the great Chinese emissary Jan Qian.  The Chinese consider me the fruit of life, and my blossoms are worn around a young bride’s neck to symbolize virginity and fertility.  Before arriving in Europe and later America (in the year 1515) I spent quite a bit of time in Persia where I acquired several new qualities.  I added another possible color for my flesh and developed the ability to grow larger.  When I arrived in Rome I was called the “Persian Apple”.  Pliny complained that I had more juice than flavor and he had to keep changing his toga.  But some claim I am the ambrosia for the gods.  With a firm but delicately juicy flesh, I used to be quite a delicacy, and very difficult to come by.  Today I am one of the most popular fruits on the planet.  In the month of July, we are singularly responsible for one-third of all fruit consumption in the USA.  Best eaten fresh, I can also be canned, dried, pureed or juiced.  My sweetness tends to keep me in the dessert category, but I am great alone as a snack, spread as a jam on your favorite breakfast bread, or used in chutneys.  I have the highest vitamin count of all fruit especially high in vitamin A and C.  

The answer to last weeks quiz was….CROSNE, STACHYS JAPANESE ARITCHOKE… Congrats to all winners.

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