Market Notes May 20th, 2021



Our southern Colorado crop is winding down, and most of that product will be packed and shipped by the middle of June. Once complete, we pull a bit from northern Colorado, and then off we go to central California until late August we start again in Colorado.  The transition looks very smooth for yellow fingerlings, as they seem to be abundant right now.  Red fingerlings are currently very tight which has made the fingerling assortment tight as well. Many western growers will be harvesting new crop by the beginning of June so the shortage should subside soon.  Purple fingerlings are trending toward white flesh making purple flesh purple skin fingerlings a bit tougher to find. Currently we are also offering the “Laker Baker” out of our packing facility in Edison, California. This edible art fingerlings are purple skin, swirled with gold skin and a stunning combination of purple and white flesh. The greatest change could be cost of shipping potatoes east from California. Transportation, which is usually higher in the summer, is already sky high and loads may cost well over 10K as we move into the summer season. So, the lazy, hazy days of summer could well be a bit more expensive for our forward distribution program this year.  We are exploring other options and will keep you informed as they develop. Let us take a moment to thank our incredibly loyal customers who have stayed with us through the pandemic, the truck shortages and the grower gaps.  


    Asparagus are very affordable and all sizes are available.  French beans are very clean and inexpensive as well with a multitude of pack sizes and trim options to choose from. Snow peas and snap peas are up in price and snow peas in particular are tight. Baby squash is a tight market as well. No patty pan at all and baby green zucchini is very limited. Baby carrots are steady and cleaned baby corn is now back in stock. Off-shore raspberries are very expensive whole blacks and blues are reasonable. Baby lettuces are hit and miss with baby green romaine and baby lolla rossa supply limited. Baby red oak, baby green oak and baby red romaine are steady.  Stateside our yellow slicing tomato program is winding down and we are anticipating our Alabama program to start by July. We expect a two to three week gap on the yellows, so jump on this now if you need.  


Culinary Specialty Produce will be closed on Monday 5-31-2021 as we join the rest of the industry in celebration of Memorial Day.  We will approach this logistical nightmare one deal at a time and we will be in touch with each customer to make alternative loading and consolidation options. Remember, if this were easy, anyone could do it!

                                                   NEW PRODUCE QUIZ – WHO AM I ???

    I am a wild herb of the mustard family.  I am an heirloom perennial most often found growing along the shores of the Atlantic, Baltic, and Black Seas.  Originally from England, I have been cultivated in France, Asia, and even in the USA, but to find me there would prove most difficult indeed.  England is my home.  They tell me I’ve never “seen the light” but how could they expect that when they put a bucket over my head every time I break ground.  My stalks (obviously white) are plucked at their prime, when we are crunchy and tender, offering a mild subtle, nutty flavor.  I am best when steamed and served with a mild sauce or enjoyed simply with melted butter.  Sometimes my leaves are used but they have to be prepared separately as they will cook much more quickly.  My young stalks can also be eaten fresh where they are chopped in a salad like celery.  

The answer to last weeks quiz was..SPRING MIX…Congrats to all winners

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