Market Notes May 26th, 2022



   In celebration of Memorial Day, Culinary Specialty Produce will be closed on Monday, May 30, 2022. Just in case we forget, this is not really a day of celebration, but rather a day of remembrance and reflection. This day honors American soldiers who died in battle.  However you define it,  the freedoms we are provided in America are most often the result of war, either obtaining it or defending it. Our freedom today is a result of those who lost their lives doing just that. We also live in a country where can peacefully protect our freedoms to our government without penalty or abuse. So, as you jump into the pool for the first time of the season, work a grill for outdoor festivities, or soak up sun and play at the beach, remember why we are able to enjoy these activities without fear. Of course, if you want to discus produce or scream about your orders, our 24 hour inter planetary help desk remains open and is always a phone number away. All operations resume Tuesday. Think peace, be thankful, reflect with grace.  


What will happen when we can  fill all fingerling orders with costs under three digits.  We hope we are here to find out. In thirty years of selling fingerling potatoes we have never seen anything like this. Every week we are hoping to see new harvest and increased packing for overall more availability.  And believe it or not, that is happening, just at an exceptionally slow rate.  One grower is going to finish up before the end of June and another who was supposed to dig this week is seeing too much skinning so we wait for another week. We are certain that over the next 5 weeks there will be new crop from at least four growers so the field should open up a lot. One other thing we have seen is an expanded market. In other words, it is not just the product shortage that is causing the gap, there is also increased new demand. This fall season should cover as lot of it, but we certainly hope the supply outweighs the demand.  Growers, if you are listening….


The end of the forage season is nigh. Fresh Ramps are complete and next week we will have ramp bulbs. Due to labor the bulbs that survive while thew greens do not, will be very limited this year.  We will begin shipping net week are we hope to have supply through July. The ramp bulbs freeze very well and from what we have seen they are most popular just before the next season begins.  Get it? If this is an item you use, it is best to get in early so you will have them when demand is up. In other foraged news morel mushrooms are at peak, three varieties available. Eastern fiddlehead ferns will be available for another two weeks then we will not see until 2023.  Porcini mushrooms limited but available and are quite expensive.  Please reach to your Culinary rep for delivered pricing.  


   I’m not so much exotic looking as exotic in origin.   A native of India, my thanks to Missionary Brewster for bringing me with other family to North America.  You’ll find me growing in Thailand, China, Hawaii, Southern Florida, Southeast Asia, Mexico and other tropics.  Don’t be fooled by my appearance.  I  may look plain and dull, a bit rough on my smooth shaped outside, but inside, you’ll be awed by my aril.  Explore my aura.  Split my shell at the stem end and peel back my thin shell to find transparent to translucent white flesh enclosing a large smooth inedible seed.  I’ll feel like a soft fibrous grape to the tongue and taste juicy, sweet, delicate, tropical, pineapple, grape . . . .  my taste and texture challenge description — mellower in taste than my better-known close relatives and more modest in appearance (no warts, spines, hairs, or bumps), I’m equally good in their recipes. Chinese make shampoo from my seeds which they call “eye of the dragon” because of a white eye-shaped spot on the dark brown seed.  I grow in clusters high in an august ornamental evergreen shade tree whose family is called soapberry because of our high saponin content. I’m most delightful eaten out of hand or served mixed with other tropicals, rice, vegetables, salads, or lightly cooked in sauces, poached or added to stir fry.  I’m also preserved in syrup or dried to look like a large raisin.  Or just freeze me in the shell.  I bring you Vitamin C and potassium, magnesium and copper.  If the birds and bats don’t eat us all, you can most easily find me in Asian markets in July and August or imported throughout the year with other tropical fruits.

 And, that’s the —– –d short of it.


Answer to last quiz….OREGANO…Congrats to all winners!

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