Market Notes
November 15, 2018

In order to spend days in preparation, travel to and from all ends of the planet, significantly reduce the turkey population, order special favorite foods from anywhere on earth, we must take a day off. In appreciation of this day off, we all give thanks so let’s call it Thanksgiving. Indians and rocks… bah, humbug, it’s all about the food. A reason to cook and need to gather, alternate facts say forget the other blather. Being the totally conformist company we are so well known for Culinary Specialty Produce will be closed Thursday, November 22, in celebration of all the people we gather with and to use all the food we bought. Just because there are many other people that want to do this as well, there is no Fed-Ex pick up on Wednesday, no overnight consolidation on Wednesday and no airport runs on Thursday. Friday delivery into LA will need to be picked up and stored on Wednesday and forward distribution for east coast deliveries on Friday will need to be set up on Wednesday AM as well. While our global offices are closed for the festivities Thursday our 24/7/365 line will be at your service. From us and our to you and your we wish you a safe, happy and healthy holiday weekend. Eat fingerlings!

We laughed last week at this with our last line saying that at least the embargo is not Thanksgiving week. Well, guess what. United Airlines was mistaken. Last week was fine, no embargo, but the actual embargo is this coming week. So form 11-19 to 11-22 no perishable cargo in or out of ORD. We have already made arrangements with other airlines and we touch base with all our customers that use this facility. We have to wonder why they waited for one of the busiest cargo weeks of the year to do this and then get the dates wrong. Truth, once again stranger than fiction? Alternative facts? Alternate universe? Or perhaps it just is what it is.

So the finger lime program from our west coast potato grower has evolved quite a bit since we introduced it less than a month ago. At that time we could only offer product in bulk with no value added. Then after repeated customer demand we developed an eight ounce (not 6 ounce) clam shell and customer response was excellent creating a steady supply and demand. Now we have gone one step further. For those bold and willing to go into the financial unknown we now offer a one pound bag of finger limes in a red mesh bag. We are packing these in 15 pound boxes but we can pack any amount you want. The green limes in the red bag look great and are just in time for a season of the same colors. As these low weight cases fit nicely on a top layer of potatoes they can essentially ship for free. Great value, great package, great buy; why not give it a try.

I am citrus, use my zest, I am sour at my best, and my flowers linger fragrant all night long.
Spain is where I first did pledge, but I was more than just a hedge, I knew my essential oil would make me strong. Oh yes, I survived, but I don’t need to be revived, making perfume and Earl Grey tea can’t be wrong.

So my thorns are thick as wood, but my oil it sure tastes good, and my green and juicy pulps’ no use at all. Scrape my skin and mix me in, or you can rub me on your chin, in your face or mixing bowl you’ll have a ball. And if, you’re in France, the city of Nancy by chance, you’ll find barley sugar with me at the mall.

Try to find me if you dare, I can’t be found just anywhere, but you might be using me to wash your hair. In Calabria or Sicily, that is where you’ll have a chance to see, how they use my precious oil to make candy. Here and now I can say, that I’ll never go away, as long as there is eau de cologne there will be me!


Answer To Last Week’s Quiz:…DAIKON RADDISH…Congrats To All Winners

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