Market Notes NOVEMBER 17th, 2022


     The equipment is working, and the employees showed up. The electricity is on, and the processing rooms roar as the southern exposure comes to life. The week has been rough as predicted.  Filling orders on the busiest week of the year while pro-rating almost every item s tough.  But the reasons are possibly encouraging.  The problem is product availability which goes back to the shortage in the Salinas Valley which we continue to blame on the romaine.  Demand for baby greens and mixes increase dramatically when the romaine got short, and growers dipped into the Yuma product by cutting those fields early and transporting raw product to Salinas Valley area for processing. The fields have not yet caught up with demand but that should change this week.  Traditionally the days just before and for almost a week after, demand slows down and the fields get a holiday. We are hoping the by the week of 11-28 volume will meet demand, allocations will end, and price will start to drop. Think will steadily improve until then. This week remains tough, but hey, it’s Thursday. Gobble on!


   We are a week away.  While the past few years have been iffy, it seems that this season rocked. If demand and insanity are indication, this is going t be a very busy holiday season.  Just in time for the lake snow effects. For us, supplies are where they should be and we are on call and ready, in many cases available for next day delivery. We anticipate no shortages on our potato products, herbs, baby veg, micro greens, carrots, yams and spaghetti trees. Mixed greens, as mentioned above are a bit funky. Otherwise, we are all go, until Wednesday afternoon.  When the crazy stops we go home.  We will track any truck loadings, air shots, or scheduled deliveries on Thursday, and resume all regular business on Friday. May all your shipment load right, arrive well, and deliver on time.


   You often hear us go on and on about our micro greens and all the exciting and unusual micro greens and micro mixes they offer.  Well, the have just gone back to basics in a very cool way. The is a micro mirepoix mix now available, and it blends with almost anything savory in a very comfort food way. Micro onions, micro carrots, and micro celery all blend for a wonderful, familiar flavor with a different texture. Beautiful and tasty this blend can even top chicken noodle soup.  Move over parsley and dill, the basics are back. Mirepoix mix is sold the different size clamshells and is delivered via UPS next day air. Please contact Lisa in our global headquarters for details.


 I am a perennial found throughout southern India. I became a popular in Greek and Roman cooking after Alexander the Great’s soldiers introduced me to Europe. Today I remain popular in Eastern and Arab countries but receive little attention in the west except for Scandinavia, who, strangely enough, has taken quite a liking to me.  I am elite in my class, only being out priced by the likes of vanilla and saffron. Beginning as a thumb thick creeping root stock I grow up to 8 feet tall producing a three-celled pod containing up to 18 seeds. Long dark-green leaves with lanceolate tops and silky-smooth bottoms protect my pod.  My Malabar variety is tops, but often substituted with the lesser qualities of the Cambodian or Sri Lankan varieties, respectively.  Although I can be found in ground or seed form, it is best to buy me by the pod to insure I am not mixed with imposters.  My pod color will vary by region due to the style of processing.  I’m sun-dried and green in India, oven-dried and brown in Asia and Europe, and bleached white in the United States.  Used as a substitute for gluten, I can be found in breads and cereals.  I also add flavor to eggnogs, wines and liqueurs, fruit compotes, fruitcakes and marinades.   I am a prime ingredient in curry and garam masala.  A few of my seeds steeped in boiling water makes a soothing tea that will aid digestion. Sometimes you will find me used as a replacement for ginger or cinnamon. I am a good source of potassium and also provide calcium, iron and zinc.  

Answer to last quiz….CHIVES…Congrats to all winners!

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