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November 9th, 2023


    Veteran’s Day is Saturday November 11. Many businesses are closed Friday. Many businesses are closed Monday. Culinary will be open both Friday and Monday. As we have for years past we offer the tribute below for your continued support for this extraordinary program in our industry.



     Farmer Veteran Coalition (FVC) was born out of the produce industry.  On May 6, 2007 a handful of organic farmers gathered at Swanton Berry Farm in Northern Santa Cruz County, California to discuss helping men and women returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan find careers – and places to heal – on our nation’s farms.  When three women showed up, all of whom lost their sons in the wars, there was an overwhelming sense that this modest gesture could turn into something hugely impactful.


    And it did.  FVC now has 30,000 veteran members in all 50 states. It succeeded in getting veteran farmers recognized in the 2014 Food and Farm Bill, launched the office of Military Veteran Agricultural Liaison at the USDA, and has won tens of millions of dollars for veterans starting out and groups training them how to farm across the country.

    The Farmer Veteran Fellowship Fund has awarded $3.5 million in small grants to help veterans make critical purchases in the early years farm or ranch businesses.  Kubota Tractor Corporation donates five tractors a year to FVC members through their “Geared to Give program.”  And more than 3,000 FVC members use the “Homegrown By Heroes” label to enhance their sales.

    A visit to the FVC website,, will show many ways to help from making much needed contributions, getting involved in one of the state chapters, or offering employment to returning veterans.  Let’s honor those that served our nation once by defending it and are serving it again by helping to feed it.



   Ancient and Asian, I’m larger and more revered than my western counterparts, and my long, white (sometimes green-shouldered), shape distinguishes me from American and European varieties.  My earliest existence is documented in archeological remains of northern China; it’s believed that I traveled westward following the path of human migrations.  I was introduced to Japan only one thousand years ago and am now the country’s most widely grown vegetable. In England, in the Middle Ages, I was prescribed as a remedy for “woman’s chatter” and depression.  Early on, sailors ate me to prevent scurvy and as a remedy for colds.  In addition to lots of vitamin C, I have only 10 calories per half cup.  Raw, I’m fresh and snappy, with a juicy crispness; I can be sweet and mild to fairly hot and pungent.  Peel me like a carrot, cook me like a turnip, grate me or foam me, pickle me, or carve me into decorative shapes.  I’m loved in tempura dipping sauces, with sushi, or call me Mooli and cook me in Indian food.  You may use my black Spanish relative because he’s the same size and shape, but only I can be gift-wrapped as a token of esteem in Japan.


The answer to this last week’s quiz wasLEGUMES… Congrats to all winners.

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