Market Notes October 26th, 2023



    Last week we reported a potato round up for the fall harvest, providing a limited perspective of the fall harvest.  To sum up, product is abundant, and quality is good.  We then proceeded to drill down to the uber specialty with two varieties of next generation  upscale purple potatoes. This week we continue the rhyme with yellow. Maris Piper is a classic and popular potato variety, grown in the UK since the 1960s. A maincrop potato, it’s the most commonly grown potato in the UK and is widely available in shops and supermarkets. Maris Piper potatoes have golden skin with cream-white flesh that lends itself perfectly to mashing and frying. Popular across the pond but limited production here. Available by special order through our secret Colorado potato supplier. If you know, you know.  


   The Bintje potato is really a stand-out performer among potatoes. Yellow flesh, silky skin, creamy texture, and a slightly nutty flavor, they have a high moisture and low starch content, which makes for a very versatile potato. Developed in Belgium, this is the original French-fry potato. Belgium introduced it, France stole it. Provenance aside, this is one heck of a tasty potato, an heirloom variety with a great history. Also available on a limited basis from the secret specialty potato vault.  



On your face and in the ground,                                 Slice me, dice me, soak me in brine,

I’m the most mistaken fruit around.                           Fry me, boil me, bake me up fine.

A nightshade berry is what I really am,                       China’s 5th century BC is to me be,

But you’d never find me in any kind of jam.                   My original home not India (ee).

Shiny, black, purple, canary, striated or white,             I am pear shaped, with large purple flowers,

I’m available all year, without too much fight.               When I blow out my air, I soak up oil for hours.


The answer to last weeks quiz was…GOBO of BURDOCK ROOT… Congrats to all winners.

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