Market Notes September 15th, 2022


    The FINGERLING SHORTAGE IS OVER.  The potato panic can now sit firmly with russets. Yellow fingerlings are now shipping from several places in Oregon, California, Colorado, Idaho, and Arizona.  Over the past few weeks the pipeline has filled up and regular distribution is back to normal. While that speaks to supply, it does not speak to price. To address that today we would say that prices are steady and dropping slowly.  Many growers are still in the process of bringing product in from the field so their storage bins are not yet filled.  When they are, and growers gauge how their product is moving price will be adjusted accordingly. Our guess is that prices will drop three to five dollars on the FOB come mid-October, but our crystal ball is dusty.  We should also take into consideration that at least two specialty potato growers have dropped out this year as operations in both Oregon and Central California have ceased operations. Another consideration which might seem counterintuitive, is that the shortage actually made the yellow fingerling more popular. If humanity lives on the philosophy that you always want what you can’t have, then yellow fingerlings definitely gained market interest in the past four months. Rounds, in three colors both organic and conventional are available in all sizes including the marbles.  Some purple varieties are still waiting to be dug as their growing times are a bit longer. Russets, both organic and conventional are still silly tight but we do make a market in organic russets and they begin shipping next week. Please contact us with your potato needs that we can consolidate and or deliver. We would like to say, “we are back,” but actually we never left, the potatoes did.


    It started slowly and with electrical brown outs and basic internet lapses we were not really aware that there was a serious problem.  Then the credit card companies started calling questioning the validity of trips to the Caribbean, France and three thousand dollar guitars. Even then we though we were just the subject of some randomizer and all the charges were caught.  When our spam filter was attacked and we started receiving hundreds of spam E-mail we thought conspiracy. In one instance we did not know what happened until the next day and made our staff and customers crazy.  This was a result of what is called a “spoof” on our domain.  Every single outgoing message we sent out on Tuesday was not received.  We got no notice until Wednesday when our vendors and customers started asking for confirmations, dispatch information, BOL’s, and passings. We frantically sent them again. When our IT company fixed the problem with our domain all the outdated information was released most of which was literally a day late and caused mayhem.  We apologize to everyone this affected.  We have resolved this problem and many others.  We are upgrading our platform to as state of the art as you can get at this moment.  There will soon be some bug, or worm, or spoof, or hack that supersedes our defenses but that’s just the malicious world e-communication. We recommend that everyone do this as the market for hacking is expanding at an exponential rate. Please feel free to contact us if you would like more detail about what happened and what we did, and perhaps more importantly what we did not do in the past and should have done. Click on!


    Simply put, I am the most disgusting smelling fruit in the world!  Originating in Malaysia or Borneo I made it to Southeast Asia in the prehistoric age.  As one of the longest established inhabitants of the Southeast Asia rain forests, I have been stinking for millions of years.  In Hong Kong and Singapore I am banned from being eaten in public, and carriage on public transport.  We become suicidal when ripe, up to 11 pounds of smelly spiked fruit plummeting to earth from our tree that can be anywhere from 65 to 130 feet tall, so step aside when we are overhead.  My spiked hard shell attracts tigers when split, and yes we have been known to kill.  Once opened I reveal 5 to six sections of fruit separated by an inedible white membrane.  If you can get past my perfume, I offer rich butter-like custard, flavored with almonds.  In each section of our pulp you will discover 4 to 6 shiny edible seeds that can be roasted or baked and eaten like nuts. We are starchy fruits with a small fat and provide good sources of potassium and vitamin C.  Despite our unspeakable sewage-like smell we are considered an aphrodisiac.  

Answer to last quiz….CHERMOIYA…Congrats to all winners!

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