Market Notes September 21st, 2023


    Last week we wrote about a domestic beet problem that related to bad seed. Red beets were not affected by this, but the gold and candy stripped beets were. Many fields were planted with the bad seed so as fields rotate, the usable yield is under twenty percent. We offered another possible option was Mexico but crop there is now failing. Heavy rains damaged a lot of the root vegetable crop by flooding fields and making harvest impossible. Now this has affected the 25# large beet market which has more demand. Reports from Mexico estimate about two weeks before size if enough for baby beets but the decision to let them grow large to cover a larger market has yet to be determined. Price is up, volume is down, and it looks like this will be on all sizes for at least the next month.  


   Two weeks ago, we wrote about the abundant potato market and forecasted a healthy season with plenty of product, all of good quality.  We even went so far as to suggest prices would drop. Well, not due to anything we wrote but prices are down, way down. Before you get too excited this does not affect our fingerling program. They already dropped significantly. But the big boy stuff is dropping on both the conventional and organic. After two years of crappy yields, the recent harvest was plentiful and for a bit, supply will exceed demand. Prices on purple round went from the sixties to the thirties, organic russets have cwt prices in the teens. This all means there will be lots of potatoes throughout the holiday season and it is a great year for ads. While we still strive to have a quality, affordable, high quality fingerling program year round, we do offer rounds in three colors and three sizes both organically and conventionally with a wide array of packaging for both retail and wholesale. If you’re looking for a sustainable kick-ass potato program this season, please give us a call, we can make your potato program hot!  


    Most of the fancy decorative pumpkins are in. Pie pumpkins, Jack-O-Lanterns, mini pumpkins, white pumpkins, painted pumpkins are all available in many locations.  If you are looking for a four-hundred pound plus pumpkin that is an early pre-order and will depend on the final destination, but they are available (probably). Unfortunately,  we can no longer find the mold pumpkins that were all the rage three years ago so we can’t offer them up.  We also have the decorative gourds, glycerin leaves, pine cones, corn stalks, wheat sheaths and giant blue Hubbard squash.  Check us out for all your fall decorative needs.                     NEW PRODUCE QUIZ – WHO AM I ???    I am fruity member of the cucumber family.  I am also a native of Africa and I have an old soul.  In fact,  I have been cultivated and eaten since well before 2000 B.C.  My marbled skin is thick and rich in color.  I am sweet and crisp, and my flesh can be vibrant red, pale pink or golden yellow.  My fifty plus varieties differ in weight and sizes.  My round cousins are the light weights of the family, while my oblong uncles are plumper sometimes even reaching 100lbs.  In certain regions, my skin is pickled, candied,  or fried, but mostly found slurped, moon shaped, ragged and discarded.  My smooth little seeds, one of my most prominent features, are not very loyal for they are often found spat, spewed, or swallowed.  Some of my hybrid varieties carry no seeds at all.  If you’ll be spending time in the dessert, I’m the companion you’ll want to bring along, just make sure your prepared for my diuretic effects.  I am also a small source of Vitamin C and Potassium.  

The answer to last weeks quiz was…TARRO… Congrats to all winners.

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