Market Notes September 22nd, 2022


    So what’s wrong with 13 fingers and an ear on the top of your head? Conscious Foods,  a subsidy of Pairwise, which was born from the minds of Harvard and MIT  professors, is committed to bring healthy foods to the fresh produce market using CRISPR.  CRISPR is a genetic modification machine that is the core of GMO. First apples, then potatoes, promoted product that would not brown.  Conscious Foods is rolling out a product called Conscious Greens, a nutrient dense (CRISR modified) mix of salad greens.  Now we are on the edge of the purple cherry tomato. There is a lot to be said for GMO, on both sides. From land rights and lands wars for seeds that spread, to forcing the non-GMO producers to prove they are not, to avoid labeling of truth. Perhaps, in produce, this is not such a bad thing. Supporters say it is what nature would eventually do, CRISPR just speeds it up. But we do not always know what nature will do, and when this goes beyond produce the imagination goes wild and all of s sudden there is a new breed of horror movies about bananas and tomatoes merged into the Tonana or the Bamato and destroyed the world. Culinary will not take a side on this except calling the mandatory proof of non GMO total capitalistic bullhooey. Nor will we promote these products as one of our many partnerships. We are a produce broker aiming to supply all of our customers needs. To that end, we will continue to inform, and if FDA approved and customer requested, we will certainly provide.  What wrong with a fresh baked potato with the butter grown into it?   MICRO MAGIC FOR FALL     Our micro greens provider is really outstanding, and as such our program continues to grow. Although recently suffering a mild set back from the incredible heat in southern California, there are two exceptional products they are offering for the fall.  First is the petite Sorrel Meadow Mix™.  This is a combination of five different colors of fresh, mini sorrel leaves including emerald, maroon, orange, and gold. These precious leaves are a perfect compliment to a sweet dessert, garnish on any dish, and of course most green salads. The color is only dominated by the distinctive flavor.  The second fall option is the Fireside Fall Mix™ of edible flowers. This mix of colors including oranges, yellows, pinks, and reds, are the perfect compliment to the fall season. Use as garnish, float in pumpkin spice drinks, garnish desserts of use as a centerpiece, this combination screams comfort and warmth.  Micro greens are pack in various containers and counts and are delivered next day air for maximum shelf life. opr more information, samples for serious buyers, and delivered pricing, please reach out to Lisa at our planetary headquarters.                                     NEW PRODUCE QUIZ – WHO AM I ??? I am the berry of a tropical evergreen West Indian tree, Pimenta officinalis, or Eugenia pimenta.  Although I am often called many names and I sound like I would be a combination of many flavors I am truly an individual.  By taste I combine the fragrance of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and some say ginger.  I am primarily grown in Jamaica, where my walk fills the air with aroma.  Sometimes called a bayberry I am grown to full size but picked unripe.  I am then dried out in the sun until I am pea sized and brown. Then I am ground into the popular powder you use.  Sometimes my berries are sold whole and you can grind me yourself to maximize my intensity.  If they would only let me mature my taste would be sweet and hot.  In Ancient times I was used in Aztec and Mayan kitchens but today I am particularly popular in Sweden and Finland.  I am added to sausages, pickles, marinating liquids, fish dishes, tomato juice cocktails, and mulled drinks.  My essential oil contains eugenol, which is used to manufacture vanillin.  Medically I am known to alleviate flatulence.  

Answer to last quiz….DURIAN…Congrats to all winners!

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