Market Notes September 28th, 2023



    Everything is good, until it is not. This brings us to our first fingerling bump. A small one indeed, but an interruption none the less. The punch line is this; Yellow fingerlings are out for two to three weeks. When they first dig Colorado potatoes they are run, packed, and shipped immediately, truly a new potato. The majority of the crop goes into storage to suberize or go through the sweats. The goal is to move the field run product for just a few weeks when storage product has been suberized. This season, after the first harvest, it rained for two weeks, leaving the fields unavailable for harvest. The field run product turned ugly and was actually depleted. Aside from a questionable pallet or two everything worked we are just behind two weeks on Colorado crop.  Fortunately, the majority of the crop we are shipping is from the west coast, so other than a few FOB’s we’ve got everything covered.


   Culinary Specialty Produce was one of the first companies to put fingerlings in a high profile retail bag. It was a retro bag with a stitch top, earthy brown and tan colors, and a mesh window. We have a limited opportunity to pack about five pallets of this product. They are packed 9/2# per case and there are 80 cases on a pallet.  The label is for a fingerling assortment.  These would be loading out of Oregon or can be dropped at any or our forward distribution locations in Los Angeles, CA or Ephrata, PA. Wouldn’t you know it, our grower in Oregon just happens to have an excess to tri-color fingerlings and is looking to make a reasonable deal. The uber-cool bag (we’re biased) along with the museum quality fingerlings with attractive pricing will make for a great display or ad. Please contact us for pictures of the bag and pricing or you can go to our website ( and check out the bag (and others) in the potato section. We think this is special, we hope you do too.


    Carrots of all types and flavors are at a seasonal peak and it includes a rainbow of colors and a collection of sizes and shapes. They tried and true baby peeled orange carrots are steady with expected rise over the next few weeks. Yellow, red,  and purple carrots are also in good supply as is the rainbow collection.  These carrots are also available as a twenty-four bunch case with full tops. These can also be packed individually or as a rainbow mix. Fifty pound horse carrots are also available in an array of colors. These carrots are available both conventionally and organically and is the same with juice carrots.  


   Originating in the hot sultry climate of the Mediterranean region and then spreading to Southern Europe, and much later to North America, I am the herb for all occasions. I am the perfect herb, growing as a vine or a bush, and I have over 400 different varieties. Sometimes referred to as French, English or the Mother, my Greek name means “courage”. The Greeks truly thought of me as an aphrodisiac as noted in the poem below. But I have also been thought to produce happiness, thriftiness, strength, and courage. My other medicinal uses include treatment for nervous conditions, asthma, sore throat, whooping cough,   and stomach cramps. My versatility has let me stand the test of time as a culinary giant. My tiny leaves are very soft, but use me with restraint, because I have a strong pungent flavor and leave a faint clove aftertaste. I am one of the herbs in Bouquet Garni. I’m used in breads, beverages, salads, sauces, meat entrees, eggs, cheeses, vegetables, oils, vinegars and even fruits and desserts. Pick a few of my blossoms early and serve them on your favorite summer drink.  

The answer to last weeks quiz was…WATERMELON… Congrats to all winners.

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