Mesclun is a mixture of young greens. In addition to including lettuce, it may have things like spinich along with savory chicory and sometimes edible flowers as well. Many cultures have a tradition of mesclun consumption, especially in the spring, when fresh new growth can be very refreshing after a long, dark winter. Many markets sell mesclun in their produce sections, and it is also possible to grow mesclun at home. By growing it at home, you can control exactly which plants go into the mixture, ensuring a desired flavor.

The word comes from the Provencal French mesclom, which is derived from misculare, a Latin word meaning “to mix.” As the name implies, the primary characteristic of mesclun is that it includes a diverse mixture of greens. Because the greens are young, they tend to be extremely tender and often highly flavorful.


Our Mixes

Spring Mix – A tasty blend of baby heirloom lettuces, combined with seasonal greens such as mache, arugula, dandelion, tat-soi, baby red mustard, frisee, radicchio and baby spinach.

Asian Mix- heirloom lettuces, combines with a variety of spicy brassicas and mustards, including baby bok-choy, baby tat-soi, baby mizuna, baby mibuna,  baby arugula, baby red mustard, baby sorrel.

Sweet Mix- Heirloom sweet baby lettuces.  Can be sprinkled with petal confetti.

Braising Mix – Heartier larger leaves for cooking.  Including a variety of Kales, Chards, Brassicas, and Mustards. Once cooked and the juices combine to make an incredible side dish or stuffing.


Caesar Mix – Tender mix of succulent baby red and baby green romaine leaves, sweet and crunchy. Just add croutons, anchovies and dressing for a 5 star salad.

Custom Mix – Choose your own mix.  We will provide the available components  from a conventional or organic grower and you can define the ingredients and the percentage of each. 500 case minimum per run

Private Label- You provide the bag, we’ll provide the filling.  Don’t have a bag?  Culinary will help you design one.

Pack Sizes

Bulk Pack- 3#

Foodservice – 4/2.5#

Retail Pack – 12/3 ounce

Family Pack – 5#

Final Note.  All of our loose greens are grown my members of the LGA.  All growers have GAP certification, HACCP certification and third party audits.